Instruction takes place in small groups. The students may move within the groups depending upon knowledge conditions and/or age. The master program is arranged to include our everyday living environment as well as student’s interests and/or desires and with consideration of following points:

Language as a means of communication.
Comparison of the German language (of the entire German speaking region) and culture with that of the student’s.
German in connection with other learning disciplines (geography, mathematics, literature, music, etc.).
Becoming acquainted with the D-A-CH-L culture (by music, literature, amateur handicrafts and participating in different celebrations).
Learning contents and methods like among other things:

  • Plays (drama, puppets, society plays, podcasts…)
  • Music (songs, dancing…)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Literature (children’s books, poems, own books…)

stand equally next to:

  • Reading exercises
  • Grammar exercises
  • Writing exercises

Teaching Materials

So that the students have a life-preparing and up-to-date entrance to the German language, we have selected an extensive amount of teaching materials, which are constantly examined, and renewed. In addition to the traditional text books, our teaching material consists of:

  • Small books and children’s literature
  • Music – both classical and modern
  • Technical literature and non-fiction books
  • Online Portals
  • Song books
  • Posters (self-manufactured and bought)
  • Board games
  • Household simulations
  • Toys
  • Newspapers and magazines