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The American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) is the official organization for German teachers in the USA. Every year they offer the tests at level 2, 3, and 4. 

The National German Exam is administered each year to nearly 22,000 students in the second, third and fourth level of German. This exam is typically administered in High Schools, however it is also administered at German Saturday Schools and full time German Schools. The Exam, now in its 54th year, provides individual diagnostic feedback, rewards students through an extensive prize program, and creates a sense of accomplishment. Exam results provide a means of comparing students in all regions of the country, as well as programmatic data. Exam results are among the criteria used in selecting the recipients of chapter awards and the national AATG/PAD Study Trip Awards, a four-week study trip program in Germany.

Successful completion of the level 4 test may help students to be placed in a higher level language class in high school. This test is administered in December or at the very beginning of January at the school site.

Our students sitting the AATG 3 and AATG 4 exams at our school are predominately younger than their typical counter parts and still score better than at least 50% of the other participants nationwide.


The methods and content used at our school make it possible that students do not need any additional preparation time or classes for the exams. Preparation for these exams takes place during regular class instruction and the tests are also administered during a regular class period.

Participants who score in the 75-percentile or higher are then invited to a special recognition ceremony which takes place either at the Stanford University or the UC Berkeley Campus. Official representatives of the German Consulate as well as representatives of the University, AATG and GASANC take this time to congratulate the students on their achievements.

No additional costs incur for this exam.


The results of the AATG Exams are not absolute, but comparative. The individual scores are given in percentiles.

Percentile rank: This number indicates how a student's score compares to those of others. Someone in the 75th percentile has scored in the top quarter of all who took the test, regardless of what the raw score may look like. If a test is very difficult, a raw score of 50 could place a student in the 90th percentile if only 10% of the students scored above 50.

School Year Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
2017/18 98/93/61/58 92/89/82/51 86/80
2016/17 98/94/87/85/83/ 60/52  97/95/929/89  52
2015/16 98/90/89 91 98/95/91/88/87/87/85/81/74
2014/15 99/99/96/96/72 99/97/96/96/96/91/89 no participants

no participants

2012/13 93


2011/12 98/97/92/90
98/98/90 80
2010/11 no participants no participants 98/95/91/87
2009/10 no participants 97/85/71 98/96/88/82
2008/09 no participants 99/90/90/86
2007/08 88/74/54 97/96/95/93
88/74/54 91/89/89/82/73 99/99/93/93

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