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Our German teachers are qualified, enthusiastic, and committed to a student-centered learning approach. All teachers are either native or near-native German speakers. All teachers are required to participate in at least one continuing German-education seminar each year. Beyond that, teachers of our school are regularly invited to lead regional or national advanced training seminars or workshops.

Our team consists of teachers, assistants, administrative team, and board.

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Barbara S. - Teacher

barbara s


Barbara is a first generation German-American born and raised in the Bay Area. As a child she spent Saturday mornings at the German School of the Mid-Peninsula in Redwood City. She has a Bachelor's Degree in German and International Relations from UC Davis. For several years she lived in Würzburg, Germany with her husband while he was part of the US Army. They returned to California to raise a family and have two boys. Barbara enjoys being a part of the GASPA community and sharing the German language and traditions with the children.



Katina - Teacher

Katina moved to the Bay Area in 2017. She holds degrees in German language from Rice University and Middlebury College, and lived for over two years in Berlin, Germany. Aside from her life in the German-language community, she is a professional singer and voice teacher.


Kirian - Assistant


 Kirian joined GASPA in 2016 as an assitant. He is currently a senior at Sacred Heart Prep. Kirian was born and raised in California to a German mother and American father. He attended the German American International School in Menlo Park (now Alto International School) from pre-school until 5th grade and has been speaking German his whole life. In his free time, Kirian is a soccer fanatic who can never be found without a ball at his feet.



 ulrich rotatedUlrich - Assistant

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, he studied physics in Heidelberg,and moved to the Bay Area more than 30 years ago. He has been involved with GASPA for more than 25 years. In the past he has assisted in different kindergarten levels and currently works in the 5-6 year old children's group. He likes to give children the opportunity to explore hands-on new horizons, loves to read books or sing songs with them and talk to them in German. Besides being an assistant teacher on Saturdays, the past few summers, he has also worked at GASPA's annual 4-week summer camp.

Maura - Assistant

Maura has been attending GASPA Saturday School since 2008 and was a volunteer at the GASPA summer camp for 2 years. She is starting her first year as an assistant at GASPA. She is a sophomore at Menlo Atherton High School in Menlo Park. She was born and raised in Menlo Park, and both of her parents are German. In her free time, she enjoys, playing piano, drawing, skiing, and traveling.


 barbara j rotated

Barbara J.– Teacher

Barbara, a native German from Cologne, her husband, and 2 children moved to the Bay Area in 2002. Back in Germany, Barbara was working for the German government and a Medical Council for many years. She discovered her passion for working with children while being actively involved in her kids school. Since then (13 years now), she is an active volunteer at the German American International School in Menlo Park. For many years, she taught art classes at the German School as an extracurricular activity (Kiga – 4th grade) and tutors children in German. In her free time Barbara enjoys being creative, reading, exploring new countries and cultures and of course the Pacific Ocean.


Andres - Assistant

Andres has been attending GASPA since 2008. Starting in 2017, he became an assistant. He is currently a sophomore at Aragon High School in San Mateo. He was born in the United States; however, at the age of two months he moved to Heidelberg, Germany, where he lived for the next six years. After that time period he moved back to California. He enjoys participating in his school’s Mock Trial team and Robotics team.


Daniela - Teacher

Daniela joined the GASPA team in 2011. She greatly enjoys working with kids especially in the educational setting of a school and supports the children in their learning with a variety of different activities like singing, games, riddles, handicraft work, experiments, and meditation. Born in Berlin, Germany, Daniela graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work. In 2010 Daniela moved to California and is currently enrolled in a master's program in social work. She loves the cultural diversity of the Bay Area, the California sun, and sharing the various form of arts with the students at GASPA.


lynn rotatedLynn - Assistant

Lynn joined GASPA as an assistant in 2016. She attended the GASPA Saturday School for 12 years before completing the DSD I and II as well as the AP German Language and Culture Exams. She currently attends Menlo Atherton High School, and has spent a month with the Thomas Mann Gymnasium in Lübeck as an exchange student. Last summer she did a 2 week archeology internship in her family’s hometown Lübeck. In her free time, Lynn enjoys horseback riding, writing, and skiing.

Kaya - Assistant

Kaya joined GASPA in 2015 as an assistant. She is currently a senior at Gunn High School. Kaya was born in Munich, Germany and moved to California at the age of three. Between the fifth and seventh grade she attended the German International School of Silicon Valley. In her spare time, Kaya enjoys dancing or boogie boarding in the surf of the Pacific Ocean.

 Sam - Assistant

Sam attended ALTO International School (previously GAIS) from Pre-K through 6th Grade. He is currently a junior at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose. Along with German, he is also learning Spanish and Swahili. Soccer is one of his favorite pastimes. He was born and raised in Menlo Park.


rhea rotated

Rhea - Teacher

Rhea joined the GASPA team in 2015. She greatly enjoys teaching and working with children of all ages and different cultural backgrounds. Born in the Netherlands and educated in Germany, Rhea studied Political Science and Philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. Prior to moving to the U.S., she worked as a journalist traveling the world to produce documentaries and reports for German television. Rhea loves the open-minded and multi-cultural spirit of the Bay Area, and is excited to share her passion for language with the students at GASPA.



rosa rotatedRosa - Assistant

Rosa is new to GASPA this year. She was born in Berlin, Germany and lived there until she was six. She lives in Palo Alto and speaks German at home with her family. She is currently attending Palo Alto High School and enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music.

 Lena - Assistant

Lena is starting her first year as an assistant with GASPA after having attended their Saturday school for 12 years. She is a sophomore at Crystal Springs Uplands school, and loves dance and reading. Although she was born in the US, she has two parents who lived in Germany for most of their lives. Each summer, she and her family enjoy traveling to Germany and other European countries to visit their relatives, and she has been studying French and Spanish along with German and English. In her free time, she likes to bake, write, and take care of her dog.


Derya - Teacher


 Monika - Teacher

Monika has more than seven years' experience as a German Language Teacher. She has a Master’s Degree in German Studies from University of Warsaw. She also received an Erasmus scholarship and studied German at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. Additionally her master program consisted of three years of German teaching training. Monika realized she would love to be a teacher after working with children in Bavaria. She supports her students in learning by using technology, preparation of interactive learning programs and sharing with them real world experience. She loves to travel. So far she has visited 17 countries and counting.

 juliana rotatedJuliana - Assistant

Juliana joined the GASPA team as an assistant in 2015 after attending the German American International School from K-8. In addition to English and German, she also speaks Spanish fluently and is working diligently to learn Mandarin. She spends her free time playing music, re-reading Harry Potter and trying to sew costumes. She is currently taking a gap year before attending Tufts University to study organic chemistry next fall.

Management Team


sabrinaSabrina - Director of Education/Principal &Teacher

Sabrina joined the German-American School of Palo Alto in 2012 as a teacher and assumed her current position in 2017 when Sabine Eisenhauer – a veteran serving the school for over 30 years – retired.

Sabrina, a native German, holds a Master of Education of the University of Paderborn, Germany, and passed both her First and Second State Examination for her license to be a teacher in Germany with honors. She taught at elementary schools near Duesseldorf, Germany, for several years teaching different subjects and age groups, before joining her husband in the Silicon Valley and joining GASPA shortly thereafter.

She enjoys the spirit of GASPA and working with students of all different ages and cultural backgrounds; her true passion is to make language studies interesting and enjoyable, so her forte are science projects where students learn German while tinkering.

She is a mother of three girls and wants them to grow up fully bilingual. The only member of her family that is not bilingual is Diego, an adventurous Golden Retriever.


pamela rotated

Pamela - Director of School Management & Teacher

Pamela joined the GASPA team in 2008. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, where she lived until age 15, she then spent three years living in Thailand with her family. After high school she studied in Germany where she got her degree in Ferrous Metallurgy and Material Science. She loves working with young students and being part of the "Ah-ha" effect student have when they grasp new concepts and showing them that not everything in life is about computers, in particular, here in Silicon Valley. In her free time she loves to cook, bake, knit, and just take in everything .

sibylle 1

Sibylle - Office Manager
Sibylle has been office manager since 2010. She was born in Lübeck, Germany and lived, studied and worked there for many years.
In Heidelberg she worked as an executive assistant for a telecommunication company. She came to California in 1998 for her husband's business.
After spending some years raising her three children she decided to go back to work.
Since she likes to work with people she did not hesitate to take on the job as Office Manager at GASPA.
In her free time she loves to travel, bike and enjoys spending time with her children.







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